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About Us
Where safety and peace of mind always come first.
Personal Alert Systems has been providing medical alarms for over a quarter of a century.
Personal Alert Systems has:
30 plus years in business.
Experienced, Reliable and Caring staff.
Month-to-month rentals.
Prices that never go up as long as the system remains active.
The latest most up-to-date medical alerts.
UL approved equipment. UL 1637/1635
Waterproof buttons, (not just water resistant).
We provide only medical alarms not burglar alarms.
Back-up monitoring station.
Referred by thousands of churches, hospitals, and government organizations throughout the country.
AARP membership not required for pricing.
The Personal alert medical alarm provides assistance at the push of a button, allowing for independance for you and peace of mind for your loved ones. Whenever help is needed, a simple push of the wireless button will activate the medical alert unit. Then within seconds a trained operator will activate a two-way conversation through the built-in intercom, and dispatch help such as a friend, neighbor, family or emergency personnel. The operator will then turn off the medical alert until the next time it's needed.
Sorry American Express not Accepted.
Having a Personal Alert medical alarm means always having someone you can call on for help.
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Personal Alert Systems, Inc.
No pricing games once your price is set and it won't dissapear after 90 days. 
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